Wadata Media and Advocacy Centre (WAMAC) an NGO with the support of MacArthur Foundation held a Town Hall Meeting to Amply the Fight against Corruption in Local Languages with a theme: “Community Participation in the Fight Against Corruption in Nigeria Using Local Languages” held on 14th August 2021 at Dujima International Hotel Maiduguri, Borno State.

Participants were drawn from the Media, Civil Society Organizations, Community Based Organizations, Religious and Community leaders as well as anti-Corruption agency (EFCC), National Orientation Agency (NOA), Commissioner of information (representing Borno State Governments) The Nigerian Police and other security agencies.

At the end of the Town Hall meeting the following resolutions were made to fast tract the Fight Against Corruption through Community Participation as follows:-

1. Participants recognized that fighting the menace of corruption and Promotion of Good Governance is a collective responsibilities of all citizens.

2. Participants agreed to intensify their efforts through reporting of corruption issues by adopting “Whistle Blower” policy and advocate for scrutiny of individuals by community and religious leaders humoring people with questionable character with titles.

3. Participants calls for ‘Change of Attitudes’ to fight Corruption and urges for speedy trial of alleged corruption cases in various courts.4. The Town Hall meeting also calls for a ‘Structural Change’ in the fight against corruption notably ;-

( I ) Fighting Corruption from homes by inculcating moral behavior of piety, truthfulness and fairness in all spheres of life.

(ii) Forming of anti-corruption clubs within communities to fight corruption and (iii) the media were urged to campaign vigorously on the dangers of corruption.5. Participants urged community and religious leaders to take messages of the fight against corruption to their domain and followers.6. Participants also advocated for ‘Offenders Register’ to named and shamed all convicted corrupts persons irrespective of political and religious status.

7. Participants calls on the anti-corruption agencies to interface with journalists periodically and give information and data of convictions of corrupt persons.

8. Finally, communities were obliged to monitor and report wrongdoings in the execution of projects in their localities.

At the end of the Town Hall meeting, Peace Fm Radio, Maiduguri a partner radio station of WAMAC on the fight against Corruption through local Languages in Kanuri and Hausa advised people to speak out on issues of corruption in their communities.

This communique was made this day 14th August 2021 at Maiduguri, Borno State



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