About Us

About Us

Wadata Media &
Advocacy Centre

WAMAC is a Nonprofit and Non-governmental organization in Nigeria, an advocacy Centre for Investigative Journalism, the campaign against Corruption, and the demand for Accountability in Nigeria using the 6 geopolitical zone’s major languages.

Together with our teams across the 6 geo-political zones in Nigeria have contributed to the change of policies and new laws; reversals of corrupt practices; and accountability for local and national politicians and public officials in Nigeria through our programs.

We dig deep into important issues, such as betrayals of public trust — and we stick with those issues till we get results, and action taken by the constituted authorities.

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Our Team

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is persistent advocacy in the fight against corruption and demand for accountability in Nigeria.

And our vision is to drive positive change and good governance in Nigeria.

Our Impacts & Results

Our advocacy and radio programs have contributed to changes in policy and law at a local and national level in Nigeria and leads many corrupt practices brought to book. 

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