WAMAC Conducts 2023 Retreat and Strategic Planning Workshop

WAMAC’s Strategic Initiative Aims to Foster Youth Engagement in Anticorruption and Governance Efforts

Wadata Media and Advocacy Centre (WAMAC) has embarked on a proactive strategy to bolster youth involvement in the fight against corruption and the promotion of good governance in Nigeria. This vital push for expanded youth participation was a focal point during the organization’s recent board, management, and staff retreat in Abuja, culminating on November 5, 2023.

The impetus behind this initiative stems from WAMAC’s inclusive ethos and its commitment to innovative approaches. According to Executive Director, Zubair Idris Abdurra’uf, the emphasis on youth involvement is crucial to engage vulnerable age groups within society. Speaking on the significance of this emphasis, he stated,

“We must begin to engage the youth from a young age. Our future appears bleak if we fail to involve them in our efforts. By instilling discipline and reviving family values among the youth, we aim to correct societal ills and pave the way for a more promising future.”

Established four years ago as a non-governmental organization operating across Nigeria’s six geopolitical zones, WAMAC has forged partnerships with 12 radio stations, a collaboration made possible through funding from the MacArthur Foundation. This partnership has facilitated the creation of radio programs in seven local languages – Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Fulfude, Baruba, Kanuri, and Pidgin – amplifying the message of anticorruption and advocating for accountability.

Looking ahead, WAMAC is exploring digital and technological avenues to ensure the inclusion of young people with interests in these domains. The Executive Director, Zubair Abdurra’uf emphasized the importance of leveraging technology, particularly for the youth, as a means to amplify vital messages through various social media and online platforms. This concerted effort aligns with the organization’s mission to cultivate a generation of conscientious and empowered young leaders actively contributing to a more transparent and accountable society.

WAMAC’s multifaceted endeavors underscore its unwavering dedication to fostering an informed and engaged populace, thus reshaping the landscape of national governance and sociopolitical discourse.

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