Germany and Nigeria Partner to Promote Regular Labour Migration

Germany and Nigeria have jointly established a Migrant Resource Centre in Ado, Nasarawa State aimed at promoting regular labour migration from Nigeria to Germany and other parts of Europe.
German Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Integration Svenja Schulze who is on a visit to Nigeria opened the first Migration Resource Centre in Ado, Nasarwa State.

‘’ Migration is a reality that needs to be shaped so that it can benefit everyone, the people who migrate, the country of origin and the host community. Svenja Schulze, German minister for economic cooperation and development has said.

The Centre has been operational since 2018 supporting young Nigerians on the importance of regular migration from Nigeria to Germany.
Nigeria’s Minister of State Labour and Employment, Mrs Nkeruika Onyejeocha described the inauguration of the centre as a significant milestone in the partnership between Nigeria and Germany.
She added that Nigeria faces challenges of illegal migration. ‘’ Due to the growing economic and demographic factors which suggest that we are in an age of growing migration pressures…”
Nigeria looks forward to the promotion of labour exchange between her and Germany through bilateral labour migration agreements.

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