Wadata Media and Advocacy Centre (WAMAC) an NGO with the support of MacArthur Foundation held a Town Hall Meeting to Amplify the Fight against Corruption with a theme: “ACCOUNTABILTY IN GOVERNANCE: A PANACEA FOR CITIZENS MISTRUST” held on 19th August 2023 at Virginia Hall, Nurses House, Jimeta-Yola, Adamawa State.

Participants were drawn from the Media, Civil Society Organizations, People with Disabilities (PWD’s), Traditional Rulers, Community Based Organizations, Faith Based Organizations and as well as anti-Corruption agency, the Independent Corrupt Practices & Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC), National Orientation Agency (NOA) and the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC).

At the end of the Town Hall meeting the following resolutions were made to fast tract the Fight Against Corruption through Community Participation as follows: –

  1. The Town Hall meeting has identified the disconnect between the governance and governed as a source of mistrust and lack of accountability.
  2. Participants calls for active participation of stakeholders in governance particularly CSOs, CBOs, NGOs, youth groups, women, physically challenged forums as well as professionals and unions
  3. The Town Hall advocates for effective communication using reliable media channels between government and the citizens so as to eliminate all forms of mistrusts. Stating that only through effective communication and transparency can the trust be earned
  4. The Town hall identified behavior change as a core necessity to fight corruption, by calling on individuals to look inwards at their attitudes in their every day life that may encourage corruption. Citizens were called to change their tendency towards corrupt practices as well. The town hall identified value reorientation as a requirement for a less corrupt society.
  5. Citizens should shun all self-gratifying attitudes which has always prevent citizens from having the high moral rights to call out corrupt practices. The town hall called on citizens to adopt core values of respect, dignity of labor and honesty in their daily lives
  6. The Town Hall Meeting commends individuals and organizations fighting corruption and calls for an intensification of efforts to curtail the menace.
  7. The town hall meeting recommend government should effectively utilize Information Technology solutions to promote transparency such as digitalizing the budget, procurement process, employment etc. and accountability.
  8. Participants also recognized the role of traditional institution and religious leaders to mole the society towards reorientation for the revitalization of family value system to address issues of corruption.
  9. In conclusion, WAMAC promised to investigate the corrupt practices and neglects brough forward by persons with disabilities at the Special Education Centre JADA, in line with National Disability Act and the United Nations, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI).
  10. The Town Hall meeting commends FOMBINA FM Radio, Wadata Media and Advocacy Centre (WAMAC) and McArthur Foundation for their efforts in the fight against corruption.

This communique was made this day 19th August 2023 at Jimeta-Yola, Adamawa State


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