Global Investigative Journalism Conference Upskills WAMAC for Enhanced Anticorruption Duties

Investigative journalists from around the world have converged in Gothenburg, Sweden, for the Global Investigative Journalism Conference.

The four-day event scheduled to end on September 22 has journalists from Nigeria also in attendance.

The conference organizers described it as “the world’s largest international gathering of investigative journalists.”

Among the activities scheduled for the programme are technical sessions on the latest tools and techniques, extensive networking, and brainstorming sessions.

Nigeria’s anticorruption crusader, Wadata Media and Advocacy Centre(WAMAC) is rep OP resented at the conference by the organization’s Project Coordinator, Waisu Idris Abubakar.

WAMAC works with a team of journalists from the six geo-political zones of Nigeria to do investigative journalism, exposing corruption and creating opportunities for citizens to be part of governance and hold leaders accountable.

Abubakar, a freelance journalist and development worker, is confident that the discussions, technology, and networking among African journalists at the conference will give WAMAC an edge in its accountability and anti-corruption work.

“The gathering is huge. It’s great to be here. So much networking going on” He said.

The  Global Conference, which started in 2001 in Copenhagen, is held every two years.

According to the GIJC website, over 10,000 journalists from 140 countries have participated in the conference.

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